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Convert your iPhone or iPad HEIC pictures to PDF in a moment with Converter365 Free online converting tool. Our HEIC to PDF converter works perfect and it’s free to use. Upload directly from your Apple device or drag and drop from your desktop computer to our tool single image or in bulk. We can handle it all and provide you quality PDF converted files.

How to convert HEIC to PDF - step by step explanation

If you want to convert your HEIC to PDF file, you simply need to follow steps provided below. Process is really easy and fast. But keep in mind you can upload single HEIC photo or in bulk more photos to our system and we will generate PDF file/s for you in a moment.

Upload HEIC file


Upload HEIC files directly from your computer or add a link to them.

Converting HEIC to PDF


After uploading files, click the 'Start conversion' button and wait for the conversion process to finish.

Download converted PDF file


It's time to download your PDF image files. Just click the 'Download' button and get your photos.

HEIC Converter

What is a HEIC file?

The Moving Picture Experts Group introduced HEIC format in 2015. The primary purpose of HEIC files is as their name implies High-Efficiency Image Format/Container to save space with storing images and image sequences in smaller file sizes. HEIC format has an advanced compression algorithm that provides up to 50% smaller image size while maintaining image quality. Also, HEIC images have a 16-bit tonal range that ensures the vibrant color palette. In comparison to other digital image formats, HEIC has a real perspective to become the most popular image format. However, HEIC files are not compatible with most operating systems natively, which creates obstacles on its way to popularity. Some of the operating systems that support HEIC format are Apple iOS 11 and later, Mac High Sierra and later, Google’s Android P, etc.

PDF Converter

What is a PDF file?

Adobe developed PDF or Portable Document Format, and since 2008 it is an open standard. If you need to print or share a document that won’t lose its formatting regardless of the operating system or program used, then PDF format is ideal for you. PDF files can contain vector graphics, text, annotations, video, 3D media, and other interactive elements. Along with new features of newer PDF versions, there is support for links, forms, JavaScript, etc. The popularity of this format is a fact since every user across different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., has software that can open or view PDF files.

Frequently questions about HEIC and PDF converter:

How to save a HEIC as a PDF on Mac?

You can’t do it on your mac if you don’t have additional software. But you can use Converter365 HEIC to PDF converter to convert your HEIC file to PDF. So you don’t have to save as PDF, just use your HEIC image upload on our tool and choose PDF.

To open HEIC file in Adobe Acrobat you go to “Edit and Preferences”, then select option “Camera raw” and with click on the “File Handling” tab option. In the JPEG and TIFF handling box you need to choose option to automatically open JPEG and HEIC files. Or you can set options to automatically open all JPEG and HEIC files that are supported from the menu.

If you are doing it from your phone, just click on the photo you want, go to share option on your photo and choose print option then your photo can be saved as PDF. Or if you are on desktop (MAC or Windows) use Converter365 tool to convert your Apple photos to PDF.

HEIC is Apple’s own image format, and it’s not JPG, Apple committed to HEIC back in 2017 with iOS version 11 with main reason to save storage on your iPhone. So that’s why you have HEIC and need to convert it to other formats.

It is possible. You need to set your iPhone device to take photos in JPG instead of HEIC on this way: Open Settings, go to Camera options and choose formats. In formats you need to choose most compatible. And that’s it.

If you send your HEIC photo from iPhone or iPad to Windows you will not be able to open it, because Apple made HEIC format to reduce image size. However, you can use Converter365 HEIC converter to convert your HEIC photos to any format you like.

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