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With just one online tool, it is possible to make all the necessary vector format conversions in a few moments. Best of all, this service is free. Whether you need to convert your vector graphic file format to another vector file, image, document, or archive format, you can do these conversions with our universal tool. Premium Service for all users and unlimited free conversions of most popular formats in use make this tool the best free online converter you can use. You don’t have to install new software on your PC or e-mail register to do a free conversion. All you need to do is to visit

Supported vector formats for conversion

Trying to find a free online converter for different vector graphics files is quite a nuisance since there is so much information out there. Welcome to the completely functional free online converter that can convert the most known vector formats in a matter of seconds. With this tool, you won’t have to search for any conversion tool anymore. With so many options for vector format conversions, and much more, is far from its competitors. See for yourself why we are number one conversion tool in use and check the list of available vector format conversions below.

How to use a free online vector converter?

With the use of a free online converter, you can convert your vector graphics files in a few moments. This converter has an intuitive user-interface and simple conversion process that is suitable for an average user. Just follow these instructions, and in three clicks, you will have your converted files.

Upload vector file


Upload your vector files with the Add files button or use the drag and drop method. You can also add a link to your vector graphics files with Add from URL button.

Converting vector files


Choose the format you want to convert your vector files by selecting one from the drop-down list next to Convert to sign. To begin the conversion process, use the Start conversion button.

Download converted file


Wait for a few moments, and your files will be ready to download. Use the left-click on the link provided on the website and save your converted vector files.


For any doubts and most issues, check out the FAQ. If you have additional questions about the functionality of, visit our Contact page.

How many vector files can I convert for free? offers unlimited free conversions per user daily. You can convert as many vector graphics files as you want free of charge.

The duration of the conversion process depends on file size and how long does it take to upload your files. That part is up to the speed of your Internet connection.

No. is an online-based tool that offers free vector format conversions without any third-party software installation or even e-mail registration. That means it runs online, and you can download converted files directly on the website. is available online, which means you can convert your vector files on every OS, including Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

Yes. This converter is optimized for mobile use, and it works whether you use an Android device, iPhone, etc.

Download link for converted files is available only on our user IP address. Once you download your converted files, we delete them within one hour from conversion.

Difference between vector and raster formats

Both vector and raster formats are image formats. However, raster formats use colored pixels or separate building blocks to form an image. On the other hand, vector formats use points to create paths represented with mathematical formulas. Because of this, there are many advantages of vector formats. One of them is that you can resize vector files without distortion of the image. Vector graphics files also can be easily edited and manipulated for the desired application. If you resize raster format, it is impossible to maintain image quality because of a limited number of pixels, and the image can be degraded or distorted.

Another advantage of vector formats is the file size that is considerably smaller in comparison with raster formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, etc. Although raster files are more suited for higher resolution prints, as they can be printed at 300dpi, have full compatibility, etc. vector graphics also have a lot of different uses. Typical uses of vector formats are for logos, charts, illustrations, icons, printing purposes, etc.

Most popular vector formats

Even though there are a lot of advantages to vector formats, you still need to know which one is the best for you. If you need to open your file with the graphic software you already have, check out some of the most popular vector formats in general use. Adobe Systems developed the AI file format or Adobe Illustrator Artwork that can you can edit or open only in Adobe Illustrator. AI files have typical use for storing logos, illustrations, and print layouts.

EPS or Encapsulated PostScript format is usually used for master logo files, graphics, and print designs. To open EPS files, you’ll need Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. SVG or Scalable Vector Graphic is a vector format suitable for the web, as it can be resized and still maintain high quality. PDF or Portable Document Format can display both vector or raster files, and you can use it web applications or printing purposes. CDR or CorelDraw File format is also a widespread vector graphics format that is primarily used for vector graphic images and drawings.

Supported conversions of vector formats converter doesn’t only support conversions of most known vector graphics formats such as AI, CDR, CGM, SVG, VSD, WMF, etc. but also conversions from vector format to other suitable formats. That is why is a universal tool that can help you finish all vector format conversions possible.

Some of the most popular conversions are from vector format to image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, NEF, GIF, HEIC, etc. You can even convert your vector graphics files to archive formats such as 7Z, ALZ, ISO, RAR, TAR, Z, ZIP, etc. If you want to convert your vector graphics file to DOC, DOCX, PAGES, TXT, etc. check out our Document Converter linked below for more options of document formats conversion.

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