Converter365 Pricing model

Our tool is always free to use, but if you want more advanced features you can choose for paid plans,you can choose between Free, Basic, and Professional plan. Here is a comparison presented between different plans:
What’s included: Free Basic Professional
No advertisements
Converter365 Watermark remove
Website Security
Maximum File Size (MB) 100 500 Unlimited
Number of daily conversions 10 80 Unlimited
Online storage, Gb 2 20 150
Priority file conversion Medium Higher Highest
Faster upload speed
Limitation of audio editing 3 times/day Unlimited Unlimited
Make private projects
Team access to projects
Video quality 2K 4K 4K+
Number of tasks 20 per month 150 per day Unlimited
Priority Tech support
Team member access to files 0 15 100
Own watermark