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Archive Converter

Do you know how many different archive file formats are there?

People use different archive files when they want to save storage space or when they need to share files on social media networks. But let's face it, every file hoarder needs to know about file formats. At least the basics of it. After all, if you archive your files properly, you can save as twice as much space on your PC or external disk. Sounds good, right?

Storage technology keeps developing day after day, and we are first-line witnesses to it. Nevertheless, older file formats and previous ways of storing files come in handy sometimes. So, let us remind you about the most popular file formats and extensions used for storage the most important documents and memories.

ZIP Converter


Is there a person on a planet that hasn't heard about WinZip? Probably not. We've all used the ZIP archive at least once. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. First, with ZIP extension all files can be stored without compression. Next, every file within the archive is compressed separately. It has great compatibility with different devices and OS. Last but not least, it is much faster format than all the others.

RAR Converter


The most famous thing about this specific type of file format is its never-ending trial period. How cool is that? But it's not the only ace in the hole for the RAR file. This type of format allows us to archive a huge amount of documents. All pieces of information we're trying to keep have the option of single block storage. Also, you can protect all compressed files with a password, which can come in handy. What's interesting is that this format can be embedded within other files. For example, you can hide it inside images or videos.

7Z Converter


Windows created this file format way back in 1999, and it's still in use. With its modular and open architecture, it can compress, convert, and encrypt files using different stacking methods. 7Z also supports extremely big files. Another feature of this file format is the compression of archive headers. This means files contain pieces of information about handling blocks of data within the archive.

TAR Converter


TAR is by far the most popular format on Unix and any Unix-like system, and it's only used for archiving. On the other hand, the GZ file format is used just for file compression. But together they create a TAR.GZ - file format that has the best of both worlds. This format is used mostly for backup and distributing content with all Linux flavored apps and systems. TAR also enables receiving compressed HTTP responses and sending compressed request.

ACE Converter


The ACE file format is not quite popular as the previously mentioned but it's used every day anyways. It was created for WinAce on Windows, but it can be used on Mac as well. It has slightly improved compression compared to ZIP, but it's not as good as RAR, ZIPX, and 7Z formats. If you need to store a large number of files into one folder, this the right format for you.

ARC Converter


ARC is the number one file format when it comes to a high level of compression and good efficiency. Besides the usual archive file features, this type of format can also create recovery records. The same ability has a RAR file as well, but ARC is still a better one to use. The number of files in one ARC package goes up to 2 billion, which is quite impressive, don't you think?

The best archive file format - true story or a myth?

Is there such a thing as the best archive format? Well, deciding which format is better than the others depends on your needs only. But, in case you're not sure how to choose the right one, here are some tips and tricks you can use to test them.

Technical characteristics

If you want to test the technical characteristics of any archive file, you should test the compression rates for a game file. Why should you use games for this test? Well, the reason is simple. Games usually contain various types of content – video, audio, text, executable, and other file types. So, when you need to test the compression of all file types at once, choose games.

Can you guess which formats will show the best results? Once again, it all comes to needs. If the best compression rate is your number one thing, then choose 7Z. However, if saving time is more important, don't use this file format. It takes a lot of time to compress files to 7Z format than to RAR. Also, if you need to distribute files online, then you should probably use ZIP or RAR just because these formats are much more popular than 7Z.

Fotmats already integrated into OS

Creators of different file formats try to make their products more convenient than others. That's why there are options for opening and using specific formats without downloading any additional software. For example, you can easily open any ZIP file on Windows, MAC OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. On the other hand, if you work with big files, such as 4K HD video, ZIP probably won't work, so a better option, in that case, is 7Z.

You've probably noticed that the major operating systems support only ZIP files, and 7Z has a lot of pros for use. But in the end, it doesn't matter which format or file category you have. That's because you can always use our free online converter to convert any file to ZIP, 7Z, or any other.

Choose a format based just on your needs

Use ZIP file format if you are MAC or Windows user, or if you want to compress documents super fast. Plus, you don't have to download any additional software.

Similar to ZIP, but reserved mostly for Linux users there is TAR.GZ extension. Or you could use TAR.BZIP2, but this file format will compress files to a smaller size than TAR.GZ.

We spoke about 7Z already, but a quick sum up comes in handy. The only downside this file format has is its speed, and that's it. Everything else works perfectly. Also, 7z is one of the only formats that can split files up into multiple archives and put them back together.

RAR has similar qualities like 7Z format. But creating new RAR files is possible only for Windows users. If you are MAC or Linux fan, you can only uncompress them. This particular type of format can also split up compressed archives into multiple parts.

Formats you can use to store important documents

Pick one from, the following: and tell us which one of them is your perfect match.


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