About Us

Converter365 was created with one goal only – to make every file conversion with the best possible user experience. And thanks to our highly experienced team, we did! Working together, we created a free online converter with the best possible conversion quality. We had enough of complicated tools that require additional plug-ins and downloads, and that is the main reason why our converter is online and accessible to everyone. And trust us when we say that our converter is the easiest one to use. You are only three steps away from converting every file from one format to another.

We are extremely proud that we made a tool that can convert thousands of different file extensions. Thanks to such a variety of file formats, our users have only one tool for every possible conversion. One of the main things we cared about, besides everything else, is security. Our priority was to protect not only our user's data but every detail of their personal information as well. That's why we created different algorithms that keep safe every user and their files.

We had a vision, and we fulfilled it! Luckily, you recognized the quality of our product and rewarded us with an enormous amount of conversions and kind words.