Reliable BZ to TAR.XZ converter

Easy to use archive file converter that will help you convert any document from BZ to TAR.XZ in a few seconds. Your files are safe with this free online converter, and every conversion is with the best possible quality.

How to go from BZ to TAR.XZ in just three steps

Efficiency, safety, and quality are guaranteed with every BZ to TAR.XZ conversion. Besides that, this archive extension converter is easy to use. In just three simple steps you can convert any archive file.

Upload BZ file


First, upload one or more BZ files using a 'drag and drop' method to upload them with a link.

Converting BZ to TAR.XZ


Second, press the 'Start conversion' button, and the conversion will start. After that, wait for a few moments.

Download converted TAR.XZ file


Third, press the 'Download' button and download your brand new TAR.XZ archive files.

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