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If you want to convert SVGZ file to the most popular vector formats fast and safe, use our free online converter. Premium services with advanced options for converting SVGZ format to formats such as image, document and archive are what make this converter number one.

How to use a SVGZ converter?

SVGZ converter has a simple user interface that allows easy format conversion. In just a few clicks, you can convert all your SVGZ graphics images. Follow these instructions to familiarize yourself with the conversion process.

Upload SVGZ file


The first step to converting your SVGZ graphics images is to drag and drop them in the designated area or use the Add More Files button to browse your PC. There is also an option to add a link to your SVGZ files with Add from URL button.

Converting SVGZ


Select the desired format in which you want to convert your SVGZ files from the list next to Convert to sign. And then use left-click on the Start conversion button.

Download converted vector file


After just a few seconds, your converted vector files are going to be ready to download in a new format with a link directly on the website.

SVGZ Converter

What is a SVGZ file?

SVGZ file is a Scalable Vector Graphics, known as SVG, compressed with GZIP compression. Thanks to compression, this type of file extensions are from 50% to 80% smaller in size than SVG. It usually also contains graphics data saved in an XML format and supports graphical elements such as transparency, gradients, animations, and filters. It is mostly used by graphic and web designers for sharing SVG graphics online. You can open and edit the SVGZ file with various programs. Some of the most popular applications are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe SVG Viewer, Corel PaintShop Pro, Serif DrawPlus, Inkscape, and Autodesk Tinkercard.

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