Top 10 unknown tech websites

top 10 unknown tech websites

Finding the newest tech information sometimes can be a bit tricky. Luckily, there are a lot of famous websites that provide just “out of the oven” content for every tech and science lover.

Regardless of what part of tech you are interested in, there will always be those websites less known than others. Some will stay unknown to you for various reasons: maybe it’s because you’re not interested in the area of their expertise, or you already have your favorite one from the top 10 most popular tech websites. But what if you give them a chance to prove themselves to you? Maybe some have a bit extra compared to the others.

To make the whole process of searching is a bit easier for you, we created a list of the top 10 unknown tech websites. But let’s face it, instead of saying that this is the list of top 10 unknown tech websites, the right way to name this list is the top 10 (slightly) less known tech websites (than others).

1. SpaceExplored

This website is for space lovers only. Why? Because everything you need to know about space is there, just a few clicks away. Although it’s with Eletrek and 9to5Mac, a part of the 9to5 network, SpaceExplored is still a powerful website for itself.

From a detailed calendar of upcoming launches to NASA’s latest news, SpaceExplored has it all. Plus, if you are interested in some other information about Mac or Google, check out their 9to5Mac and 9to5Google. 

Top 10 unknown tech websites-space explored

2. iMore

With iMore, you’ll get more – more information about all iOS apps and devices than any other website. So, is it the best one to be on this top 10 unknown tech websites? Probably not, but if you are an iOS owner and it’s still unknown to you, you should definitely check it out.

Besides all you need to know about iPhones, Mac, Apple watches, and television, there are also reviews of different devices, HomeKit and How to section.

top 10 unknown tech websites-imore

3. MakeUseOf

The great thing about this website is there are a lot of free e-books and detailed information about giveaways. Plus, there are all hardware, PC, mobile, video, and lifestyle news as usual. But this website is not just a lot of words, tips and tricks, and pictures of fancy gadgets. MakeUseOf will help you to be at least a step closer to being a real tech expert.

It is the main reason why MakeUseOf is on our top 10 unknown tech websites, and it should be on every list that involves tech and everything similar to it. Don’t you agree?

Top 10 unknown tech websites-makeuseofus

4. The Pourquoi Pas

If you want to know why you should have a smart tattoo, The Pourquoi Pas has the answer. And that is not the only question answered on this website. There are a lot of other answers about technology and science you should check out.

Although the main focus of this website is tech, there are articles about business, entrepreneurship, retail, and more, as well. There is something for everyone on The Pourquoi Pas website, just as on our top 10 unknown tech websites list, don’t you think so?

top 10 unknown tech websites - the pourquoi pas

5. TechologyTrends

In case you want to learn the basics of artificial intelligence or machine learning, visit the TechonologyTrends website. Why? Because the team that stands behind it is all about helping people to understand and use technology in a better way they use to.

Artificial intelligence is sometimes hard to understand, but with articles written and published on this website, it is more than clear. The same goes for cybersecurity and a lot of other terms connected to them. Learning and focusing on gaining extra knowledge is the goal every individual should aim for, and TechologyTrends is there to help us with it, as far as the tech goes.

Top 10 unknown tech websites-technology trends

6. InternetNewsFlash

Daily news reserved only for tech enthusiasts is a dream come true for every science geek out there, and InternetNewsFlash is the website for the mentioned dream. If there is a new thing on the market, guess where the news about it will show up? Of course, at the Internet News Flash website.

And it’s not just about writing articles about the new widgets, devices, and companies. It is about implementing technology in different spheres of life as well. That’s why Internet News Flash is on our list of tech websites.

Top 10 unknown tech websites-inf

7. TechDiagnose

Are you interested in any of the following categories: computer, Mac, Windows, game reviews, mobile games, how-to tutorials, internet, IT industry, phones, android, apps, iOS, social media, Instagram, WhatsApp, smart devices, or software? Then, the website you’re looking for is TechDiagnose.

As previously mentioned, TechDiagnose has it all, the new, how-to, and every extra tip and trick for both Mac and Windows users. In case you don’t believe us, check them out and tell us what you think.

Top 10 unknown tech websites - tech diagnose

8. TrustedReviews

This website is named Trusted Reviews, and guess what – it is all about reviews. Of course, the reviews are divided into different categories such as mobiles, computers, cameras, home tech, games, and many others so that you can navigate easily across the website.

Sure, the latest tech news is good to know, but after all, everyone wants a great written and honest review, right? And it is the main reason why Trusted Reviews is on our top 10 unknown tech websites list.

Top 10 unknown tech websites-trusted reviews

9. WireCard

For the financial aspect of technology, you should probably visit the Wirecard blog on daily bases. Reading articles made by this financial company, you’ll learn everything you need to know about financials, trends, digital, and how to combine them properly.

Plus, there are a lot of tips and tricks that will show you how to make some earnings throughout different digital channels and e-commerce.

Top 10 unknown tech websites- wirecard

10. Pocket-lint

If you are into apps, phones, cameras, tablets, AR, VR, different fitness widgets, and tech in general, Pocket-lint is the right choice for you. The latest news will keep you updated, and the reviews will give you a perfect insight into every device out there.

Too good to be true? Check them out, and tell us do they deserve a spot on our top 10 unknown tech websites list, but let’s face it, they do.

Top 10 unknown tech websites-pocketlint

There you have it, our list of the top 10 (slightly) less known tech websites (than others), or is it? Well, it’s not because there is one more website that deserves to be on the list, and that is our lovely Converter365.

By now, you should have realized that it is not just a converter for every file category out there – it is much more than that. We are trying our best to provide you as much as possible useful information, tips and tricks, and news. Hopefully, we are successful in it, and if not, there is enough time to make things better, right?