How to convert PNG to PDF in 3 easy ways

convert png to pdf

Have you ever wondered what is the easiest way to convert PNG to PDF? Did you try any of them? Which one did you like the most? Are you wondering are your favorite ones on our list? Well, check the lines below and you’ll see it yourself.

But first, let us remind you about the PNG and PDF basics.

A fact or two about PNG and PDF file formats

Let’s start with the PNG file format. This file format is known as Portable Graphics Format or PNG. IT is mostly used as an uncompressed raster image format on the internet. And the best part about this file format is that it has no copyright limitations. Plus, PNG images can contain 24bit RGB color palettes and grayscale images.

convert png to pdf - png

On the other hand, PDF file format stands for Portable Document Format. It is one of the most used document file formats in the world. Also, this one is, in most cases, the final result of file conversions. It can contain text, images, graphics, links, etc.

How to convert PNG to PDF online?

One of the fastest ways to convert PNG to PDF effortlessly is with a free online tool. We are talking about the online PNG to PDF converter created by Converter365. Yes, that’s us.

All you have to do to convert PNG to PDF is to follow an easy three-step procedure. It is completely safe, free, and with the highest conversion quality.


First, you have to upload your files online. Use the drag and drop method or the Add files button. You can even add a link to your files.

convert png to pdf converter365 1


Press the Start conversion button and wait for a few moments.


Now, it is time for you to download your files. Use one of the download buttons or copy and share a link that leads straight to your PDF files. You can even download your files in an archive file format.

convert png to pdf converter365 2

And that’s it. You just converted PNG to PDF successfully.

How to convert PNG to PDF using Adobe Reader?

If you are not such a big fan of uploading your files online, Adobe Reader is another tool that can help you with converting your files. Just follow the steps given below, and you will convert PNG to PDF in no time.


Open Adobe Reader and choose the PNG file you want to convert. Find the File option on the top left and the Add files option right after that. Then, select PNG files and add them to Adobe Reader.


When it appears, click on the Convert option. Now, you will have to sign in through your Adobe ID, and the conversion will be finished in seconds.


After the conversion, the Retrieve PDF file option will appear. Click on it, and you will download your brand new files.

And there you have it, another easy way to convert PNG to PDF.

How to convert PNG to PDF with Adobe Illustrator?

Just in case you don’t want to use any of the previously mentioned ways to convert files, here is another one. This time, here are the steps that will show you how to convert PNG to PDF with Adobe Illustrator.


Open your PNG files with Adobe Illustrator. From the top left, choose the File option and the Open option right after. Now, find the PNG file location and upload it to Illustrator.

convert png to pdf with illustrator step 1


In this step, you can change your document if you want. But if you don’t want to change anything, then go to the File option once more.


From the drop-down menu, choose the Export and then the Export As option. Now, pick the PDF file as your final file format and chose the file location.

convert png to pdf illustrator 2


Press the Export button, and you are done.

How easy was that?


In the end, there is not much lest to say. The main thing you have to know in the whole ‘convert PNG to PDF’ story is: if you want to edit your PNG files before converting them to PDF, use Adobe Illustrator.

If you don’t want to edit them, use Adobe Reader.

However, if you don’t want to register for the Adobe package, just use one of the many free online tools. Of course, the best one you can find online is Converter365.