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How to convert the NUMBERS to TGZ format?

NUMBERS converter has a user-friendly interface that supports the simple conversion process of your files. In just three steps, you can convert all your NUMBERS files.

Upload NUMBERS file


First, add your NUMBERS file with the Add files button. Also, you can add a link to your files with Add from URL button.

Converting NUMBERS to TGZ


Press on the Start conversion button to begin the conversion process.

Download converted TGZ file


In just a few moments, you will get the download link for your converted TGZ spreadsheet file.

NUMBERS Converter

What is a NUMBERS file?

The NUMBERS file extension is a product of an Apple iWork Numbers spreadsheet application. The Numbers program is used to organize numeric data. For example, it’s used for storing information about business income and expenses or monthly active users for an app or website. This spreadsheet application is a part of an iWork Productivity Suite that’s basically a Microsoft Office Suite for Mac users. File with an ET extension can include different types of information such as tables, images, formulas, text, and other data organized into rows and columns. You can create you ET files from scratch, or you can use one of the templates from the application. When it comes to comparing it to other file formats, ET is the closest to XLSX file extension.

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