Is converting files online safe?

Is converting files online safe - converter365

We bet there was a moment when you asked yourself: “is converting files online safe”, and we will give you the answer. The answer is YES, at least when it comes to using Converte365.

People are usually quite skeptical when it comes to uploading files online, and we get that. These days a lot of data is collected across the internet and, normally, you don’t want your files to be one of them. And they won’t be if you use Converter365.

Is converting files online safe - converter365

Converter365 – converting files online is safe

In case you were wondering, Converter365 is one of the most trustworthy free converters that have the best possible conversion quality you can find online. Why? Because our main goal (besides easy to use and high-quality conversions part) was to protect not just uploaded data but to protect your personal information as well. We created algorithms that keep safe every user and every uploaded file. How?

First, you don’t have to leave any personal data to download your converter files. Just upload them, choose the format you want to have next, and download your freshly converted documents. Yes, it is that simple. Plus, every uploaded file is automatically erased after just 30 minutes from conversion.

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The best part about Converter365 is that it allows you to convert files online without downloading any additional software and plug-ins. Sounds good, right?

Previously mentioned are just the main reasons that will give you an honest answer to the “is converting files online safe” question. And there are a few more reasons to use our online converter.

For starters, it is online, and all you need to convert files is a stable internet connection. Next, you should probably know that yes, there is a size limit for uploaded files, and it’s 200MB per conversion, but on the bright side, you can upload documents as many times as you want.

And if that is not enough for you, Converter365 has the simplest three-step process that converts files super-fast.

Is converting files online safe? – Yes, and it’s done in 3 steps

Now, you know that converting files online is safe when you use Converter365. But, if you are wondering how to use it, here it is – a step-by-step process that will transform every file format to some other:

Step 1: Upload files

Upload files you want to convert straight from your computer or do a simple “drag and drop” to the upload box.

Is converting files online safe - step 1

Step 2: Convert files

Pick the new format of your files, and then press the “Start conversion” button for conversion to start.

Is converting files online safe - step2

Step 3: Download files

Download your brand new files converted with the highest possible conversion quality. Plus, you can download them with a ZIP file extension or in a form of a link.

Is converting files online safe - step 3